Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Tips for solving problems with access to library material online

Some library users who are trying to access library materials via Library One Search or the Library Catalogue from off-campus may be unable to do so.

We suggest using the latest Firefox browser. Download Firefox here.

Please try the following instructions to fix any access problems. If you continue to experience problems please contact us at for more assistance.

(These instructions are for Internet Explorer 7 but they should be similar for other versions)

  1. Ensure that you only have one Internet Explorer window and one tab open.

  2. Go to Tools, Internet Options, Security tab. Bring the Security level to Medium.

  3. Go to Tools, Internet Options, Privacy tab. Bring the Settings down to Accept all cookies

  4. Go to Tools, Internet Options, Privacy tab. Unclick “Turn on pop-up blocker” to turn it off.

  5. You MUST be away from the error/login page, then clear cache by going to Tools, Delete browsing history, Delete All
If this does not work,

  1. repeat step 5 above and go to Tools, Internet Options, Security tab. Click on Sites button to the right of Trusted Sites.

  2. Add the following two urls: and

  3. Click Add button after each one.

  4. Click Close when finished.

  5. Click OK from Internet Options screen
Note: Lowering your Security to Medium may open up your PC to possible security threats. If you do not want to do this, a less extreme version is as follows:-

  • In Internet Explorer, go to Tools, Internet Options, Security tab. Make sure that in Select a zone... window that Internet is selected.

  • Click Custom Level and scroll down about half way to Display mixed content in the Miscellaneous section. Check if this shows Disable. If so, change it from Disable to Prompt.

  • Click OK, Yes, and OK.

  • The change should take effect immediately.
If you are only having problems with one or two databases, try this.

  • When you click on the database URL, you may get a message similar to the following:-

If you click on 'Continue to this website', you may get a bar in the top of your screen similar to this

You can click on this bar and choose 'Display blocked content'.

To prevent future problems, you can install the certificate in your browser. You do this by clicking on the words 'Certificate Error' in the page header:-

Then click 'View Certificates' from the dropdown box which appears, and choose 'Install Certificate' button. This will start the wizard to import the certificate, and after this you should not get any error message with the database.

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