Monday, 18 October 2010

Change of authentication method for library catalogue

From tomorrow (Tuesday 19 October) the use of staff or student number for authentication in the Library catalogue will be replaced by the use ofstaff or student barcode.

Community and reciprocal borrowers using the Library catalogue currently use name plus barcode for authentication. This is currently used by users with no ADS login, and they use the right hand side of the library catalogue authentication screen.

Users with an ADS login (e.g. staff and students) are advised to use the left hand side of the authentication screen, and input their ADS login. If for any reason they cannot use this login, they can still use the right hand side of the authentication screen as an alternative authentication method, and input their name and staff or student number.

However, it is easy to obtain a staff or student number e.g., it is displayed prominently on ID cards which staff and students wear on a lanyard. This makes this method of authentication less than ideal. We are aware that barcode is also printed on the staff and student card, but is in much smaller type and thus more difficult to obtain and thus more secure.

This change will only affect staff and students who currently use their name and student / staff number to authenticate in the Library catalogue. They will need to change to using name and barcode.

This change will also be publicised by notices on the Library catalogue authentication screens.

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