Friday, 22 January 2010

Library One Search

ECU Library offers Library One Search, a new unified discovery service using Summon from Serials Solutions.

Through one simple search, it provides access to the digital and print, audio and video, and full text of single articles to entire e-journals in the ECU Library collection.

Library One Search provides one search box for a researcher to enter any terms they want and quickly get credible results in one relevancy ranked-list.

For best results:
To search for phrases use double quotes (eg, "duty of care").

Refine your Search with the options on the left of the results screen. You can limit:
· To items from scholarly publications (peer reviewed), or Limit to items with full text online.
· To Content Types or by Subject Terms. Click more options to exclude various Content Types or Subject Terms.
· To Publication Date or Library Location

For a more specific search, eg, by author or title, use the Advanced Search link inside Library One Search

Check the top right of each result record and use the magnifier to get a preview or the addition sign to save the item to a folder. See the bottom of the screen to open the folder. From within the folder you can format the reference to various styles, email, print, or export items to EndNote.

See the Help link inside Library One Search on the top right for more search tips.

Your feedback is welcome
Use the Feedback link inside Library One Search to tell us what you like and dislike or leave your comments on the Blog. Feedback contributes to product enhancements.


John said...

I think the 'Library' one-search tool should be available below an input field for the standard ECU Library catalogue search. Retrieving hundreds of hits for material ranging from periodical to text is fine if they are all relevant. But it is possible to waste a lot of time in the 'Library' one-search under the mistaken impression that you are searching the Library. Whereas of course you are searching materials available via this library meta-search. I think a text input for the standard library catalogue would be ideal to draw attention to the fact that there is a Library catalogue search function available - to find out whether those things called books are available via the Library / on-shelf, as well as to make the meta-search available to people wanting a more diverse range of materials from a more diverse range of sources.

ECU Libraries said...

Thanks for taking the time to comment, John. As Library One Search is a new search tool, we are looking forward to getting feedback and value your comments.

You state that “it is possible to waste a lot of time in the 'Library' one-search under the mistaken impression that you are searching the Library. Whereas of course you are searching materials available via this library meta-search”. I am not exactly sure what distinction you are drawing here. Library One Search enables users to search for materials in the catalogue (all the usual materials that one would expect in a traditional catalogue, such as books and music scores) as well as a large range of materials from journal databases that ECU Library has purchased or subscribed to. I would argue that Library One Search can help to save time, as a search on a topic would potentially locate not just books but journal articles. (The traditional catalogue does not provide article level access.) Once a search has been done the results can be sorted again using the ‘book’ facet, for instance. For any books that are located via Library One Search, shelf location and availability are clearly indicated on the results screen. We recognise that some users will need to use the catalogue to look for specific items, for instance, and therefore the link to the catalogue is still available. Users who need to conduct detailed searches of specialist databases can gain access to these via the A-Z Databases link. We are also happy to provide assistance on the use of Library One Search – you can contact the Faculty Librarian for your Faculty, [if there is a better page for this information please let me know!] for instance.

If you would like to discuss this further please give me a call (9370 6677) or email me at

Constance Wiebrands
Manager, Library Services