Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Access to databases and library catalogue authentication is still unavailable

We are still having issues with access to several electronic library services, and apologise for the inconvenience caused.

Services affected are:-
(1) Normal access to journal article databases is unavailable off-campus, but is available on-campus.
(2) E-reserve articles are unavailable on-campus and off-campus.
(3) 'My Library Record' within the catalogue is unavailable on-campus and off-campus
(4) Requesting of items within the catalogue is unavailable on-campus and off-campus
(5) All other functions within the catalogue are working as normal.

We are working with the vendor to correct this problem. To assist staff and students to access resources we are offering the following solutions:

For loans, or anything else relating to your library record, or print reserve items from the library collection, please contact Library staff.

Journal articles databases
(1) Come to a campus if possible, as journal article database access is available there.
(2) If this is not possible, off-campus users should download and install the VPN software from http://it.ecu.edu.au/VPN.asp. It is important that you choose the correct link for your operating system, e.g. XP, Vista, etc. This software allows you to search journal databases and download articles as normal as it makes it appear that you are on campus.
(3) If for any reason this does not work, you should still be able to search databases via MetaQuest, from the library homepage. You can then contact the library staff to obtain the articles you need from your database search.

We are happy to provide you with copies of eReserve items you require. Please email library staff for this service.Please contact us if you have any other queries, and we will try to help.

Further notifications will be posted on the blog when we have new information.


Anonymous said...

When is this problem going to be rectified? This is absolutely ridiculous. It is 4 weeks until exams, final assignments are due, and for those external students, we can not afford to be stuffed around. I dont care whose fault it is, fix it. How much money do we have to pay to have ECU figure out its computer system. Ive been to both UWA and Murdoch Unis and never had a problem like this.

ECU Libraries said...

We are sorry for the inconveneince caused to you by this problem. It was due to a supplier, but we realise that this does not minimise the inconvenience.
The good news is that the system is now working again, with the exception of the 'ADS' authentication within the catalogue. If you are authenticating to e.g. view your patron record or place a request, you need to use your name and student / staff number on the right hand side of the screen.