Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Food in the library - your thoughts

We have opened up the library to food. More bins have been provided, yet food scraps are still left on tables and chairs.

What do you think, are you happy with the current food policy or can you think of other options to allow food but still keep the library clean???

We need your feedback!


Anonymous said...

The problem comes from a certain students that do not understand what is hygiene or simply self-centered and ignorant to the bad things they are doing.

By my opinion, to solve this the library has to put up sign that reminds students to throw the left overs away, and sign that reminds other "good" students that they have the right to order the person responsible of dirtying the library to clean up the mess. I always want to that, but without written permission I can easily get scolded or roughed up.

Anonymous said...

eating should not be allowed in the library- im tired of the rustling of packets being opened but more than that the noise is unbearable, is there a quite study area? i dont think so. i find overseas students talk in big groups and laugh loudly with out any regard for others - its discouraging. And there is never a libarian to hush them.

ECU Libraries said...

Thanks for the feedback on the food policy.

The library is producing a Client Service Charter document, in which we request the responsible eating and drinking in the library: avoiding having food/drink near books and computers.

It is a general trend around the world to allow this sensible consumption in libraries, as they provide areas for social/group study.

If any student has difficulty with other students, or even staff, being noisy please bring this to our attention so we can look into the matter. In addition there are designated areas in all campus libraries for quiet study, again please ask staff where these are located.