Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Laptop Security in the Library

For all new students, and a reminder for returning students, the campus libraries have laptop security leashes that you can borrow for several hours to use within the library.

These may help prevent opportunist theft of your laptop, but they do need to be secured to an immovable object to work properly. Ask at the library enquiry desk for one next time you are in the library.


Juan Jose Prieto Gutierrez said...

I think it is necessary a laptop leash in all the tables in the library. Now the most of the student use a laptop like a book. The e-learning is increase every day. The culture change are near.

andrew said...

While at first glance the idea of a laptop leash in all the tables may seem like a good idea I feel this has not been toroughly though through from a security and technical level.

How would we make sure that the person whos laptop is secured to the cable has the key? How can we ensure that the key does not go walkabout hence making the cable useless? If the keys were to be held by the library staff how would we ensure that the right key for the right cable is issued? If all the keys are the same then that would be a security concern because I could 'borrow' a key and then use it to remove someone elses laptop. Just some throughts that would need serious consideration before we could install laptop leashes in all tables in the library.

ECU Libraries said...

Hello Andrew,

thankyou for your comments about the laptop leashes. Let me assure you that non of the locks are keyed alike, so there is no security concern in that regard. In addition the library holds a duplicate key, in case the student loses the key they have been issued with.
As with any library item, each leash and key is uniquely identified, so reducing the risks of the wrong key being issued with the wrong leash.

I hope this explanation alleviates some of your concerns.