Friday, 10 October 2008



Do you have any great ideas for improving Library services?

The Library Services Centre is commencing planning for 2009 and we would value your suggestions. Good ideas will be added to our 2009 Operational Plan and you will be kept informed of progress.

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Many thanks,

Dan Archibald, University Librarian


Anonymous said...

Despite continuous construction on the library the whole year, I have found that the new layout of the libray has not improved but restricted usability. The changing of access to the first floor combined with the removal of computers from the second floor create long waits for slow elevators to reach the upper levels, where there are not sufficient computers to meet the needs of the new influx of students. Moreover, the few computers that are left are taken up by superfluous workshops on level four that block students from completing their assignments.

I am concerned that the combination of the lack of facillities in the libray, the complete removal of the megalab and the insufficient computers in building ten cannot withstand the strain of the large influx of students created by the new law building.

I think that it is of the utmost importance that campus facillities be as accessible and functional as possible and could be so if computers were made available on the first or second level of the library or the amount of computers were increased on the upper levels of the library.

ECU Libraries said...

Regarding computers in the Mt Lawley Campus Library, soon 25 additional computers will be installed on level 2 with another 30 planned for future installation on level 3.

Dan Archibald
University Librarian

Roffo said...

Gotta say I love the alumni service!

Access to online journals from home and the ability to reserve books would make it even better :)

Keep up the good work anyway.



ECU Libraries said...

Hi Daniel,

thanks for your comments about the Library service.

As an Alumni member you do get access to the Proquest suite of databases that the library subscribes to.

You can also request certain library items online once you have done a library catalaogue search.

If you need further information on accessing these options please feel free to contact one of the campus libraries.

Anonymous said...

I also have to comment on the lack of computers, not only in the library, but the whole campus. with the addition of PIBT and the new Postgraduate building, Mt Lawley is suffering, and I think it was not prepared to the new influx of students. the decision to close the mega lab in building 3 was not thought out correctly. secondly there are not enough individual study areas in the library. the colorful couches prove to be of no use, as they come with tiny tables that are not even the right size or height.
I am quite dissapointed with the organisation of the Univeristy this year, and hope there will be improvements next year!
additionally, the electrical sockets provided for laptop users do not work all over level four, there are only a selected few, which is even more frustrating, as there are never any computers available!
quite dissapointed with the campus this yr!

ECU Libraries said...

Thank you for your feedback.

With reference to the colorful couches and tiny tables, the latter is not part of the refurbishment. The new tables for the couches were meant to be installed at the same time as the couches in August. Unfortunately this did not happen as there was a delay in the delivery of the new tables. The good news is we have just been advised that the new loose furniture including the new tables will be installed next week. The new tables will be the right height and size for the couches.

Thank you also for alerting us with regards to faulty power points on Level 4. I will advise the architect to have another check for the whole building. It is always useful for all if any faulty equipment such as pcs and printers are reported back to us so that immediate action can be taken to rectify the problem.

Anonymous said...

New Library Web page.

Thanks for the New Look Library Webpage however, I think it should include a hyperlink to the Multimedia webpage as you have done in the past.


Anonymous said...

Hello librarian,

Mt. Lawley library is such a DUMP colour scheme wise: Where is the COLOUR in the carpets.

Also, the teaching resources section is so CRAMPED - we trainee-teachers spenf 4 years of our lives in this section of the library. Yet, it is also apparently so DISORGANISED.

You have so many different sized and types of materials and yet you are apparently so DISCONNECTED from what, why and how we are learning.

The teaching section is akin to a maze married to an Op Shop!


Trainee teachers are more 'doers' than 'readers': we are forever collecting and trying out RESOURCES ie.MATERIALS - not merely books.

Please begin to think of trainee-teachers as trainee electricians, carpenters , doctors or aircraft-builders - WE WANT SPACE AND MATERIALS ON HAND - not so many BLOODY BOOKS and ROW AFTER ROW of more BLOODY BOOKS.

We want a RESOURCE CENTRE (like they have a Murdoch, only 10 times the size).

How about inviting a handful of primary school librarians to be your CONSULTANTS ? They know the pointy-end of modern, up-to-date educational libraries.

I hope you and your librarians (whom I respect alot for their classification, search and e-skills and experience and much else) are stimulated to take A WHOLE NEW LOOK/TO RE-THINK about the design/layout/purposes of a 'Teaching Section' in the light of MODERN teacher and children requirements requirements. It is 2009 - not 1979, after all.

chris wainwright (B.Ed.Primary 3rd year student)

ECU Libraries said...

Hi Chris
Thanks for your comments and suggestions. We are always happy to work with Education students, and hear their suggestions first hand to further improve our TC and the learning space. Fyi, ML refurbishment is still being completed and signage is not fully ready yet. We hope to see all these completed before the start of the new semester.

Re: Resource centre & teaching collection (TC) – We agree that a resource centre would be useful for our teaching students but our latest refurbishment did not allow for a resource centre because of limited funding and space constraints at ML. We were only able to relocate and redesign our Teaching collection space as part of the refurbishment. We decided that L3 was the ideal spot for our TC based on clients’ feedback from library surveys, which have informed us to locate the TC near pc’s, copying and printing facilities. The TC is also right in front of the lifts and stairwell and has close proximity to the photocopy room, pc terminals as well as to the Education and Arts librarians. And when completed, the area will have new computer terminals, new shelves for very large library materials (large TQ items), group discussion rooms as well as group study tables in place of quiet study carrels.

Our Teaching Collection as you have rightly pointed out is a collection of books and over the last few years we have spent $100,000 on new resources for this area. We still need to weed out some more old materials and have already done a lot of work in that area. However please note that most if not all our teaching resources (books) are acquired from recommendations & suggestions from all our academics as well as from our students. As a matter of fact our Education librarians are always working closely with our Education academics in developing the library collection.

We also agree that we can do better to liven up the teaching resources. We have plans to install a display area quite similar to Joondalup campus library, that is bright with good signage, good feel for what is there and good displays, in so far as we can when offered a teaching Collection within a huge university library. In terms of space, we thought we had done well as our aisle space is now 1.2 m wide compared to the standard aisle space width of 900mm for most libraries. We will also continue to seek ways to further improve on organizing our collection.

Re: colour in the carpet – this decision was made by the architects, who have to comply with certain university guidelines and criteria. I believe they had chosen the colour for its durability and that it is dirt proof.

Again thanks for your comments.

Swee Kit
Senior Librarian
ML campus