Monday, 12 May 2008

New look JSTOR

JSTOR has a new interface. Now ECU staff and students can set up their own profiles within JSTOR. This allows saving citations to individual JSTOR accounts, where they will be stored indefinitely. Citations can also be exported to EndNote, or sent via email. JSTOR now offers its articles in a single PDF for printing and the new thumbnail images of articles makes it easier to see articles at a glance, and to select particular pages within articles.

JSTOR stands for “Journal Storage” is a trusted digital archive for scholars, preserving over 1000 academic journals across the humanities, social sciences and sciences. JSTOR doesn’t usually include the most recent issues of journals (3 to 5 years) Each journal issue included, is scanned in its entirety, from Volume one, Issue one and retains all interesting art, illustrations and graphs. The oldest content in JSTOR was published in 1665. Definitely worth looking at!

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