Friday, 18 April 2008

New catalogue to be launched in semester 2, 2008

A re-designed new catalogue is due for launch in second semester, 2008. Features will include:-

(1) Tabbed display of catalogue records
(2) Item availability shown on first tab
(3) "Did you mean..?" spell-checking capability for keyword searches
(4) Automatic relevance ranking of keyword search results, most relevant items can be shown first
(5) Choice of sorting keyword results by date or alphabetically as well as by relevance
(6) Book jacket images shown beside many items - these link to a larger image
(7) RSS feeds - which will deliver the latest information about new library items into your feed-reader automatically
(8) RSS feeds of items due for pickup from the library, plus warnings about overdue items
(9) Ability to view a condensed version of the catalogue on a hand-held device, e.g., PDA
(10) 'Suggest a purchase' forms which allows you to send us details of items you would like bought by the library
(11) 'Star' rating facility for all items, and ability to leave comments against any items.

Ask your library staff for further details

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