Friday, 22 February 2008

Library catalogue access anywhere, anytime...

The Library Catalogue is available on your mobile via AIRPAC

You can now access the Library catalogue via handheld wireless devices such as mobile phones. Further information is available at

Access the ECU library catalogue from your web enabled mobile phone at

SMS the Library...

Got a short library question, then you can SMS us on 0421 269 105.

This service operates Mon – Fri 9am to 5pm.
We aim to respond to your questions during this period within 90 minutes.
Messages received outside this time will be responded to on the next working day.

We look forward to hearing from you...

Access to over 65,000 E-books, EBL project continues...

The Library is continuing the successful EBL project into 2008 with a commitment of $100,000 to support the ongoing project.

Over 16,000 recent E-book titles will be loaded into the Library catalogue for ECU Staff and Students to access. In addition 50,000 titles are available from the EBL Portal, giving ECU staff and students access to over 65,000 E-book titles.

E-books within this collection are a combination of title that ECU already own and titles we will be charged for as we use them.
These books can be browsed for 5 minutes free. Once you choose to browse past 5 minutes or select to download the title the library will be charged about 5 % of the total cost of the book. After a title has been selected 4 times the Library pays the full amount and will own the title. In this way staff and students are actively selecting and purchasing titles for the Library collection through “demand driven selection process”.

How can you tell what titles are already owned by ECU when accessing an e-book? The easiest way to tell is to look at your download options. Titles that we do not own and will be charged to access are only offered for a one day download and will need to be downloaded again after this one day. Books we already own have the option to download the item for three days and as we have already paid for the title we will be free of charge.

We encourage you to use the material we do not own and to generate a charge to the Library if you think the material is useful for your studies or research. In this way you get immediate access and you help identify useful titles for the collection.

Titles can be accessed from the Library catalogue at by adding the keyword “ebook” to your search i.e. management ebook or ethics ebook.

To access the full back catalogue of titles you can access the EBL portal from the Library home page at . Click on the “EBL Library Login” link under the quick links section of the home page.

We encourage you to send us feedback on your thoughts about the usefulness of this project and e-books in general at